Green Energy

Distance view of solar arrayThe City’s commitment to green energy infrastructure is exemplified in its recent cooperative agreement with a private developer to establish a 3.7 megawatt solar array at a former municipal landfill property in our City. The solar array is currently the largest of its kind in Rhode Island and represents an innovative measure to transform a fallow property to productive re-use. This private public partnership has been extremely beneficial for both the solar field developer and the residents of East Providence who are realizing community benefit through the payment of annual lease fees that benefit the City. An additional 3.7 megawatt facility is to be constructed in the near future that will double the output of electricity.

Businesses within the City’s Waterfront District are eligible to apply for green loan funds. The US Small Business Administration has provided funds to the Waterfront Commission for loans to businesses for the following “green” activities:

  • Energy-efficient appliances

  • Increased efficiency HVAC, heat pumps, and geothermal energy

  • Energy-efficient doors, windows, skylights and renovations

  • Increased insulation

  • Wind and solar power, energy-efficient power and light bulbs

  • Retro-fitting for sustainable utilities

  • Attainment of LEED certification

  • Fabrication of energy-saving products

More information on this program can be viewed at the program’s webpage

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